Review Copy Submission Guidelines

If you are published on Smashwords, the best way to get me a review copy of your book is to simply create a 100% off coupon code and send me the code, then I can download the book directly to my Kindle.

If you are not published on Smashwords, I do accept review copies of books via e-mail (humorbooks {at} gmail), preferably in .pdf, .html, or .doc format.

If you are not published in e-format, or if you would like me to review the printed version of your book (I actually prefer to read a printed copy, but I realize it is the most expensive way to send out review copies), you may send it to:

PO Box 111762
Naples, FL 34109

However you send the book, please include a description of the book, a link to the Amazon, SmashWords, or other page where it is for sale, and any other additional information that you would like to share.

Please remember that I am only interested in reviewing books that are funny. If you have written a western or a romance, I may read it, but I cannot review it for this blog unless it is also funny.

Also please remember that funny is subjective: your funny may not be my funny, and vice versa, so when I choose not to review a book, it does not mean that the book is not funny. It means that I don't think it is funny enough to highly recommend. The decision not to review a book therefore is not a reflection of the writing or the author, but simply a product of my own built-in, irrational, and subjective fun-o-meter.

How subjective is funny? Richard Hooker's M*A*S*H was rejected 17 times before going on to become an academy award winning film and perhaps the greatest series in the history of television. John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces was rejected numerous times, including a rejection by Simon & Schuster, before going on to be published posthumously and subsequently win that obscure literary trophy called the Pulitzer Prize.

I'll bet the folks at Simon & Schuster think that's funny . . .